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Make More Space With a Loft Conversion

In today's times house prices are continuously increasing and not every householder can afford to move house when the time arises. It is not just the housing prices which affect this, but also the cost of moving home, which can be really expensive lately. If you find that your property is not big enough to accommodate your ever growing family, moving house isn't the only real resolution.

A fairly expensive option is to extend your house to gain that extra room, however you might not be able to get the necessary planning permission, and also your house might not be suitable. A further possibility is a garage conversion, which is cheaper although is dependent on you having a garage and not needing it for your car. A very good option that can add value to your house without increasing the property footprint, is to convert your loft.

Loft conversions have gotten extremely popular in the last decade, generally for some of the reasons given above. It is crucial, before making up your mind, that you verify whether your home is actually well suited for a loft conversion. Not all homes are actually suitable, particularly more modern properties which have roofs made with trusses. The optimum properties for doing loft conversions are generally the older homes, in particular those built prior to the seventies.

To check on the situation of your particular loft space and make certain it is suitable you will want to bring in a loft specialist. If the builder gives the go-ahead to have a conversion ask him for an estimate. Don't just go along with the very first quote you get, get several estimates before picking your loft specialist. When picking the perfect company for the task you need to use your intuition and not simply opt for the lowest estimate.

The vast majority of loft conversions in do not require planning permission, so there's a pretty good chance that yours won't either. Confer with your planning department or chat to your loft specialist whether planning permission is needed.

You should not imagine that getting a loft conversion is going to be cheap, because it is a pretty expensive solution. If you don't actually have the money you could perhaps obtain a loan, which is often not that difficult because the likelihood is that the loft conversion will significantly add to the market value of your home. As a guideline you could expect a loft conversion to cost about as much as a good size brick built extension though the likelihood is that you will achieve more space with an attic conversion without increasing the overall footprint of your property.

That variety of loft conversion you get will be determined by the layout and design of your particular property. Conversions come in several kinds for example: roof lift conversions, loft pods, mansard conversions, roof light loft conversions, hip-to-gable conversions, velux loft conversions and dormer conversions. Your builder or loft conversion specialist will confirm which one is actually most appropriate for your home.

Dormer Loft Conversions

Probably the preferred type of conversion nowadays is the dormer layout, a kind that provides value for money, though still provides the maximum additional space. This is a fashionable option with house owners since it's both effective and pleasing and provides almost everything that could possibly be required. With a dormer conversion it may even be possible to add in a little balcony, which means that you are creating added outside space too. You will find there are distinct types of dormers namely flat roofed dormers, Velux dormers, gable fronted dormers and shed dormers. Ask an expert to ascertain which will be the most suitable for your specific dwelling.

Velux Conversions

Without doubt one of the best known names in roof windows, Velux, have been around now for around fifty years and they can be depended on to deliver a loft window which is both efficient and superior quality. These windows are made to be fitted flush with the slope of your roof and hence do not change the look of the structure, they do not commonly call for planning permission and they are reasonably economical to install. Velux windows produce a good amount of light and in fact may even require blinds fitted during the summer time. If your attic has got a decent bit of height, a Velux window conversion could be a good choice for your project, in particular if you have limited funds.

How Long Should it Take to Complete?

The length of time that it's going to take to carry out a standard loft conversion depends on several factors such as the amount of pre-planning that is undertaken, the climatic conditions, the ability of the constructors, the availability of required materials and the kind of conversion. As an approximate guideline it should take around four to five weeks to do a rear dormer conversion on a terraced house and around 5 to 6 weeks to do a hip to gable dormer on a semi-detached property.

You just need to decide what to use all of that extra room for after your loft conversion is complete. You might turn it into a new family bathroom, an additional bedroom or two or a TV room. But of course there's lots of applications to which a nicely built conversion can be put, limited merely by your imagination!

What is a Plasterer? The way to classify a plasterer is a craftsman who works with artex, plaster and render, usually by laying plaster either onto walls and ceilings or as decorative moulding. Plasterers have been plying their trade since the times of the Egyptians and working with plaster is among the most ancient trades used for structures and sculptures. Even primitive men utilized a mud based plaster to daub the walls of their dwellings. These days plasterers are still very much in demand and many craftsmen can happily make a living by being a plasterer. Plastering is a skilled activity and needs to be done in accordance with the specified industry guidelines. Plastering assigments might either be given by mouth or in writing. Ordinarily plasterers carry out their work alone although several firms offer plastering services as well. A plastering project may additionally be the subject of a review with regard to quality and speed. You will find there are quite a few requirements and obligations included in plastering. The very first would be to order the stucco and plaster and then do the mixing, he must own all of the tools and equipment necessary to carry out the project. A common job could be to patch up cracks in ceilings or walls. This is what's known as lath and plaster work. A plasterer could in addition engage in the construction of ceilings, walls and buildings and normally the plaster itself is applied to brick, metal, wood or tile surfaces which are covered by a two or three coat process. Other jobs can also comprise the patching of old damaged plasterwork or removing loosened plaster. Typical tasks could additionally consist of cutting out cracks and then troweling on a new plaster finish. The task is then finished with a trowel or sanded finish. If you want to accomplish the processes that a plastering job entails, you need to have the time and skill to do the job properly.

Roofing - Your roof is without doubt one of the most crucial elements of your home and ensuring it's kept in perfect condition should be a priority as a householder. Allowing your roof to fall into a state of disrepair is a massive mistake and the cost for doing repairs if your roof starts leaking will be considerably more than the cost for properly maintaining your roof from the get go. Roofing is not normally one of the types of jobs that property owners do on their own considering that, apart from the skill that are associated with roofing, it is also a hazardous occupation. Your run-of-the-mill property owner isn't keen on working up high on a roof, hence if you have maintenance tasks that have to be done be certain to hire the assistance of an expert roofer, instead of sticking a rickety old step ladder up and trying to do the work by yourself. If you use a reliable roof contractor you can rest assured they will have all of the necessary safety gear to carry out the project effectively. Regardless of what sort of roof you might have on your house, it will require attention or repairs at some time or other, therefore whether you have a tiled roof, a thatch roof, a flat roof, a metal roof or a slate roof, you'll want to ensure that it stays properly maintained. It is always a wise idea to use a knowledgeable roofer to go over your roof perhaps once a year. In this way he's going to discover any potential problems and resolve them before they become more serious. If you choose to adhere to these guidelines you'll have a quality roof which will have no problems with leaks and water ingress. (keyword tags: roofing, roofing contractors, roof repairs, roofers, roof maintenance)

Sash Windows - First becoming popular in the Victorian era, sash windows have long been a common architectural feature in buildings all through the British Isles. The splendor and elegance of the very latest sash windows is only matched by their improved security and energy efficiency. Sash windows are able to be slid up and down and also opening inwards, making them much easier to clean. These kinds of windows are known for their noise reduction properties and don't stick, shake or need painting every now and again. A decent sash window company can offer customized sash windows in many different patterns and styles with elaborate horns and external Georgian style bars as optional extras. If you wish to have sash windows installed in your home, or you have already got sash windows and need to get them replaced or repaired, you'll have to find a seasoned tradesman in your local area who can accomplish this task for you. It's not the best idea to bring in a handyman or "jack of all trades" for this kind of work, seeing as sash windows need to be installed properly if they're to give good service for many years to come. This will apply whether you want Georgian sash windows, wood sash windows, uPVC sash windows or Victorian sash windows, and you need to be sure that the style of sash windows you pick matches the design of your home. Sash windows will usually be made in your local joinery workshop or window factory and can therefore be tailor made to fit your window openings, as you will seldom find off the rack sash windows which will exactly match your requirements. If you pop along to our brand new website you'll uncover lots of information about sash window installation and sash windows and you will be able to search for a decent sash window fitter in your neighbourhood. Whoever you decide to employ should be exhaustively checked out for excellence. Read reviews online and get a few references where feasible, so that you can ensure that they will do a decent job and not swindle you with poor quality sash windows. Whenever it is possible you should ask relatives and buddies for referrals of local sash window installers in your neighborhood, seeing as word or mouth referrals are the best recommendation for tradespeople and if an acquaintance of yours has had sash window installation work performed, and been thrilled with the result, there's definitely a fair chance that the sash window experts under consideration will do a good job for you too. In regards to picking sash windows, there'll be several aspects to think about, and not merely the type of window you need. Today's sash windows can be found in several different materials, each one having their own pros and cons. The initial sash windows were constructed from timber, however nowadays you can also purchase sash windows made from aluminium, UPVC and plastic, though many people prefer the traditional hardwood ones. A sash window incorporates one or more moving "sashes" or panels. Traditionally the individual sashes are paned windows, however can now incorporate an individual piece of glass. The oldest surviving examples of these windows date from England in the late 1600's. The actual invention of the sash window is usually attributed, without any real evidence, to Robert Hooke (1635-1703). While others see the sash window as a Dutch creation. The final conclusion seems to be that it is impossible to establish the exact inventor.

Tree Surgery - We all know that trees are gorgeous and their presence in gardens will boost the charm of any space, together with supplying fresh, clean air and a relaxing atmosphere. However, as with virtually any other plant, trees can suffer from infections and diseases attracting a need to have them felled or treated by a tree surgeon. They may also grow too big and cause a hazard to your home or overhead power lines. Branches that overhang could cause mishaps particularly if they break and fall onto a public road. Truth is, that such avoidable accidents can cause struggles with your insurer because they are generally regarded as negligent. In addition to falling branches or tree limbs creating problems, roots can also damage your house, especially those that grow long. They can also end up cracking cellars and terraces, or busting sewer lines due to the extended roots. In reality, you may need to bring in a tree care specialist to help chop down and remove sickly trees or any posing dangers on your property. On occasion, the trees in question may be very big meaning that it will be complicated for you to execute removal on your own. Clipping overgrown branches to get them clear from electricity lines is also not something you should be attempting. You might need expert help to handle your tree related problems. Choosing affordable and quality tree surgery can be successfully accomplished by making considerations when choosing a service provider. Consider carefully available services - Aside from supplying you with good tree felling services, your provider should be prepared to offer other services for instance diagnostic services on the trees and advice and guidance on the important procedures to keep your trees under control. An effective diagnosis helps in establishing the correct method of removing dead or sick trees, and help keep such issues under control in future years. Landscaping plan advice and guidance can come in handy in making certain that your property is looking great and naturally beautiful with the trees. Look at their tree surgery gear - The apparatus used will naturally influence the excellence of the results, and safety for the workmen and your house too. Some extremely large trees require serious machinery and whilst this may be appropriate for the work, you should give consideration to the possible damage your property could be subjected to. Insurance coverage and accreditations - Lots of things could transpire in the course of tree surgery. Meaning it's important to make sure that your tree care professional is correctly insured. When the job is to have a few branches or trees cleared away from overhead utility lines, you want to make certain the firm is certified for that sort of project to avoid trouble and risks. Costs - Despite the fact that they will generally be dependant on the work you want to be undertaken and how much needs doing, always settle for a company whose rates are reasonable and fair. Some might have an all-inclusive price while another may charge you in terms of the hours or days it takes to complete the project. It is also important when using tree surgery services that are affordable and high in quality, to consider the possibilities for recycling. Most professional tree surgeons know exactly how to handle the tree waste if you don't have any use for them. If you check out our brand new tree surgery website you will uncover a great deal of information about tree surgery and tree care and you'll be able to do a search for a decent tree surgeon in your local community. Whoever you choose to employ should be exhaustively checked out for quality. Read through online reviews and get some references wherever possible, so that you can ensure that they will do a decent job and not rip you off with poor calibre tree care work. If it is possible you should ask relatives and friends for references of local tree surgeons close to you, since word of mouth is the best recommendation for tradespeople and if an acquaintance has had tree surgery work achieved, and has ended up content with the final result, there's a fairly good chance that the company concerned will do a quality job for you as well.

Handyman Services - If you're wanting handyman services for doing those various jobs around your office or house, you'll have to track down someone reputable and who knows precisely what they are at. In most cities and towns you'll find a lot of individuals who publicize handyman services, yet are often not really capable of doing anything much but the easiest of tasks.

So, before picking out any individual handyman, ask to take a look at past jobs they've done, so you form some idea about the quality of their work, and just what they know about the form of project you have for them to do.

A first rate odd job man needs to be able to do a variety of tasks including fitted kitchens, exterior painting, basic electrical work, modest plumbing tasks, render repairs, gardening work, window seal replacement, window and door maintenance, floor and wall tiling, hand painting of kitchens, internal decorating and plenty more.

Before you continue you need to get a precise, upfront price that you realize you'll pay when the work is finished, and you must get them to put this down in writing to avoid surprises down the line. Your handyman should also let you know about any additional fees during the work, so you can come to a decision whether you intend to keep going or make other arrangements.

Make certain that your handyman will clean up after himself and dispose of all the waste created by the process. You do not want to be left with loads of waste which you need to dump yourself or pay another individual to move. A reliable local handyman always clears up once he's finished.

When the work is finished and you are pleased with it, keep the handyman's number, as quality artisans aren't easy to locate and you might have to get hold of him for more projects later on. Always be courteous and kind to your handyman and with luck he'll do a great job.


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